Indigenous Languages of the Central U.S. at the Time of Contact

Data Source: Campbell, L., Mithun, M., Mixco, M., Goddard, I., and Golla, V. 2007. "North America". In R. E. Asher & Christopher Moseley (eds.). Atlas of the World’s Languages. Oxford: Routledge.

"North America". The LINGUIST List MultiTree Language Database

Date Digitized:   8-June-2011

Map Description:
This map shows indigenous languages present in and around what is now the central region of the United States at the time of contact with European settlers.

This original map was made by vectorizing data from the MultiTree language database and the Atlas of the World's Languages.

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This map is part of a mapping project detailing the languages of the North America. The maps may be overlaid on each other for a more complete picture.

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