Adena and Hopewell Mound Cultures

Afghanistan: Languages (Public Content)

Africa Before the Agricultural Age (Ehret)

African Agriculture ca. 3500 BCE (Ehret)

African Agriculture ca. 5500 BCE (Ehret)

African Civilizations ca. 9000-6700 BCE (Ehret)

African Climate and Vegetation from 9000 to 6700 BCE (Ehret)

African Ethnic Groups (Public Content)

A Historical Linguistic Hypothesis for Austronesian Expansion

Ainu Dialects

Algic (Time of Contact)

American Exploration of Alaska, 1865-1902

Amerind, Na-Dene and Eskimo-Aleut

Anatolian: Languages of the Ancient World (Cambridge Encyclopedia)

Ancient Greek Dialects (Cambridge Encyclopedia)

Ancient Languages of the Tarim Basin

A New Hypothesis of Austronesian Expansion and Cultural Contact

Approximate Homelands of Language Families in East Asia

Arabic as an Administrative and Cultural Language in Spain: The Umayyads in Spain, 950-1050

Arawán in Contemporary South America

Arawán in South America at the Time of Contact

Areas where Language Spoken is Unknown at the Time of Contact

Areas where Pushto, Baluchi & Brahui are Spoken (Breton)

Atlas of Medieval Europe: Barbarian Kingdoms c. 534 CE

Atlas of Medieval Europe: Barbarian Migrations in the 5th century

Atlas of Medieval Europe: Spread of the Black Death

Atlas of the Arctic: Ethnic Map

Australia: Aboriginal Languages with Treatises on Grammar/Phonology (Oates and Oates)

Australia at the Time of Contact: Non-Pama-Nyungan

Australia at the Time of Contact: Pama-Nyungan

Australia: Australian Vegetation in 1788 (Geoscience Australia)

Australia: Distribution of Bound-Form Pronouns (Dixon)

Australia: Distribution of Contrasts and Laterals (Dixon)

Australia: Initial Dropping (Dixon)

Australia: Language Families (Oates and Oates)

Australia: Major Classifications of Australian Languages (Dixon)

Australia: Pidgins, Creoles and Lingua Francas

Australia Prehistory

Austro-Hungarian Empire, 1867-1914

Austronesian Languages in Taiwan (Formosa)

Austronesian Migration (Cribb)

Avenues for further Austronesian Expansion Research

Aymara: Language Distribution (Public Content)

Azerbaijan: Tat Language and Language Communities (Public Content)

Aztec Empire: c. 1519 (Public Content)

Baja California (Time of Contact)

Balkan Peninsula: Ethnolinguistic Distribution, ca. 1910

Balkans: Ancient Languages

Bantu: Approximate Area of Bantu Nasal Harmony (Greenberg)

Belorussian Dialect Groups

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